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India the land yet unexplored can easily be the new millenniums To explore and project the importance of adventure tour need internationally stranded of camping gear .Han -Yin Exim imports such internationally acclaimed & tested equipment from different part of the world. .
We make a balance approach to quality & pricing while selecting adventure product we keep in mind and select those products, which can compete Indian market on pricing without compromising on quality.
For example our tents are designed to handle by lay man also but at a same time full fill the need of expedition in extreme condition. The Insta - tents operated by layman which is easy to install and similarly easy to dismantle, light in weight and mostly single piece tent. Our buyers are expedition and adventure company, Army and Paramilitary force, M.P., Chatisgargh and Andhra Pradesh Police, Rafting Company, Jungle resort, Individual hikers.
Our products are used not only by the adventure companies, we have installed temporary colonies at Ardh Kumbh Mela 2007, Allahabad, Mha Kumbh Mela 2010, Haridwar, KALCHAKRA 2006, Amarawati "the religious preaching of H.H. Dalai Lama" travel to Kailash Manasarovar or they can use at the time of natural calamities. Our products are exclusively imported product and sourced right from the manufacturer. We cover wide range of equipment right from the tent, sleeping bags, Kids tent, stoves, Air mattress, chemical toilets, lights, rafts, jet boats and so on. Our Aim is to Introduce new product & the latest equipment which are available elsewhere. We entertain all new inquiry for the special product of the individual requirement irrespective of bulk or small quantity.
India is a perfect destination for adventure tourism because it is as enjoyable, exciting, thrilling and invigorating as one makes it .What helps is the destination which is custom made. In India ,the mighty Himalayan and the never, never ending coastline and not to forget the island territories are open invitations to the fun loving and the adventurous souls. It is not only India’s vast geographical diversity that provides a huge scope for the adventure tourist but also that it is relatively unframed into and comparatively inexpensive too. Those who want to fancy the wild and see mother- nature in its original form, to see man and nature surviving in each other’s arms is rediscovering one’s own self.

Han-Yin outdoors imports all the equipments from different companies which are mostly renowned and its product has taken a vast market in India. We import camping gears from different countries to meet the market without compromising quality.

HANS Insta-Set One Touch Tent World Wide Patented Set-Up in 1 - 2 minutes even at night and inclement weather.Poles are pre-assembled to the tent. Various pole materials of Fiberglass,Aluminium and Steel are applicable to tent sizes and styles

We have made it our business to Import the best inflatable boat at a very competitive price. We are pleased to offer our customers a product that is reliable and fun to use. Our product line is diverse and designed to fit many different applications. For more information
These products are import from Korea. The products are very handy and light weight. We cover wide range of equipment right from Tourchs, Larntens, Expedition Stoves, Trekking Boots, Sticks, Air mattress, chemical toilets, For More Information.........
We are the world's most renowned company manufacturing the misc. items for the bag packer tourist as well as trekkers. This is the more significant and especially designed for them. These items are easy to use and light in weight as well as handy. For more information
We are Indurduce our new wing, HANS ADVENTURE & YOGA MATS have especially been designed for Adventure & Yoga purposes. For More Information.........
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Made In Korea
Length : 11 ½ Ft.